"Except the Lord build the house they labour in vain that build it." --Psalm 127:1

American Family Radio with Tim Wildman

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This was a short radio interview of only about twelve minutes with Tim Wildman and Marvin Sanders. I tried to clearly articulate the campaign themes and to emphasize the importance of not wasting your vote on democrats or republicans who have demonstrated their infidelity to the Constitution and to the rule of law.

I gave the website and contact information and I stayed on the line for a few minutes listening to the wrap-up that the hosts gave to my remarks. I was dissapointed by their comments which slipped pretty quickly into the same old "boogie man" approach to the lesser of two evils. "Bush may not really be pro-life but if we vote third party it will help Kerry."

I suggest that Mr. Wildman and Mr. Sanders - and everyone else - read Howard Phillip's excellent book "Fifty Reasons (and More!) Why You're Not Better Off With Bush", which is available on this website.

To quote Mr. Phillips, "If you don't vote for what you believe, you'll never get what you want!"

In any event, I am grateful for the opportunity to be on American Family Radio.

PLESE, PLEASE, PLEASE don't waste your vote!!!