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What Might Have Happened Had The South Won And Lincoln Put On Trial For War Crimes?


The Opening ArgumentsThe Opening Arguments

Well, it might have gone like what you will see if, for a donation of $25 (which includes shipping & handling), you request from “The American View” the DVD titled “If The South Had Won the Civil War: The Trial of President Abraham Lincoln.” This presentation is almost four hours long, it is credible, it has believable actors in it and it is chocked full of information everyone should be aware of. Send your payment (check or money order) made out to: John Lofton, The American View, 8028 Ritchie Highway, Suite 315, Pasadena, Maryland 21122.

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This docudrama was conducted by Liberty University’s “Center for the Study of the Civil War” as a part of its 9th Annual Civil War Seminar. This Seminar used MacKinlay Cantor’s 1960 alternate history novel, “If the South Had Won the Civil War,” as its premise. It explored what might have transpired if Grant had never survived the siege of Vicksburg, if Lee had won at Gettysburg, and if Lincoln and the US Capital had fallen into Southern hands.

Using 1860’s legal jurisprudence, Lincoln’s trial explores the legal and moral aspects of his actions from 1861 up to and including the summer of 1863 (before Sherman’s terrorism against Atlanta, other places.) Appearing in the Lincoln trial are the nation’s premiere Lincoln, Jefferson Davis, and Robert E. Lee impersonators. They are:

'Jefferson Davis'‘Jefferson Davis’

Jim Bazo is a veteran reenactor and has been doing an impression of President Jefferson Davis for several years. Besides being a member of the 21st Mississippi Volunteer Infantry and the 38th Mississippi Infantry, Mr. Bazo can also be found helping to tell the true story of the Confederacy and promoting the real history of the War for Southern Independence. Born in Key West, Florida, Mr. Bazo is currently a resident of Canada. He can be found every year performing at the Thompson Estate in Ontario.  Mr. Bazo appeared in the 2002 seminar “The Trial of Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee”.

— Al Stone (Robert E. Lee): Al Stone has been portraying General Lee for eight years at reenactments and has made live presentations and special appearances for church groups, award ceremonies, theatre and school audiences, parades, Civil War Roundtables and SCV and  other Civil War related groups.  Mr. Stone is also a repeating participant of this seminar, having appeared in the 1998 seminar “Civil War Voices” and 2002 seminar “The Trial of Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee”.

— Fritz Klein (Abraham Lincoln): Fritz Klein is considered by many to be one of the nation’s foremost Lincoln actors, appearing since 1980 in 35 states for film, for television, on stage, and as a motivational speaker.  A professional actor since 1980 and having the same height, weight, and physical appearance as Lincoln himself, he brings both professionalism and realism to the role.  Mr. Klein is a repeating participant of this seminar, having appeared in the 1998 seminar “Civil War Voices” and 2002 seminar “The Trial of Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee”.

'Robert E. Lee'‘Robert E. Lee’

— Bevin Alexander, Jr. (The CSA Prosecutor): Bevin R. Alexander, Jr., Esq.Freeman, Dunn, Alexander, Yeatts & Tiller, P.C. , Lynchburg, Virginia. A life-long resident of Virginia, Bevin received his undergraduate degree in History and Anthropology from the University of Virginia in 1976 and a law degree from Washington & Lee University in 1981.  After clerking for a year for Justice A. Christian Compton on the Virginia Supreme Court, he entered private practice of civil litigation in Lynchburg.  In 1994, Bevin joined his current firm, now known as Freeman, Dunn, Alexander, Yeatts & Tiller, P.C. He was appointed by the General Assembly in 2000 to fill one of the two attorney positions on the Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission.  He was reappointed to a second term in 2004, and served as Chairman for the 2004-05 year.

—  Judge J. Leyburn Mosby (The Presiding Judge of the Tribunal): Judge Mosby (a descendent of famous CSA raider John Mosby) is a sitting judge on the Lynchburg, VA Circuit Court.  He is a 1962 graduate of the Washington and Lee Law School.

— James H. Massie III (The Defense Attorney for Lincoln): James H. Massey III is a criminal case lawyer in Madison Heights, VA. 

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