"Except the Lord build the house they labour in vain that build it." --Psalm 127:1

You Can Run, But You Cannot Hide

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By Michael Anthony Peroutka Publisher

When I helped to found the Institute on the Constitution years ago, it was because we recognized the need to educate Americans about the principles and beliefs that defined and established this great country. Ever since that time, we have been looking for effective ways to bring this knowledge to the youth of America and to reignite the spirit of true American patriotism in this most important generation. Recently, along with my wife Diane, I had the great privilege of meeting with a group of gifted young people who are truly and faithfully doing just that.

At the invitation of Mr. Bradlee Dean, an immensely talented and visionary musician, we traveled from Maryland to Minnesota to visit with Mr. Dean and the musicians, technicians and support staff of YOU CAN RUN, BUT YOU CANNOT HIDE. We talked about how our organizations might work together to teach young Americans to love and appreciate America. What a wonderful and rewarding experience!

These young and energetic and very organized Americans are reaching out to the youth of America with a message of hope and true patriotism. What is so special and so effective is that they are using music and media methods that are understandable and appealing to the youth they are addressing. This means that their message is getting through to an incredible number of young people.

YOU CAN RUN, BUT YOU CANNOT HIDE is a hard-driving, musically talented groupYOU CAN RUN, BUT YOU CANNOT HIDE is a hard-driving, musically talented group

Their methods include the hard driving multimedia band called “Junkyard Prophet”. The energy and showmanship of the band sets the stage for Mr. Dean and others to teach youngsters some essential facts about the history of the founding of America, the principles and beliefs articulated by our founding fathers and the necessity for the youth of today to be productive, healthy and patriotic Americans.

The message includes the admonition to stay away from drugs, pornography and perversion and to appreciate and display honesty, integrity, decency and morality.

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit with these gifted and positively motivated young people led by Mr. Dean. We thoroughly recommend that school officials and youth leaders consider contacting this fine organization and arranging for their appearance. Their website, “www.YouCanRunButYouCannotHide.com” will give you details about their presentations and how to book them for school assemblies and other events. They have played and presented all over the country. If they haven’t played for your school or group, I suggest you consider inviting them. You won’t regret it or forget it!

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